In a previous blog, 2015 is bringing new people at Tallboy. One of them is Mathilde, our new video production intern from Belgium.

Mathilde wants to dedicate herself to an audiovisual career and that’s the reason why she will be working at Tallboy for 6 month. During new shoots, she will be discovering new things about corporate video production, and she would like to share this experience with you via a production diary!

For each project she will be working on, she will post a new article. So, ready to jump into Mathilde’s world?

The time has come for my first professional shooting day with Tallboy! Early awakening but I am really looking forward to put my skills into practice with Tallboy’s team.

Our shoot location was at a very nice school, in South West London,  where students have the chance to learn in amazing workspaces.

So this video is for a client who refurbishes schools and offices, and they wanted a case study video to highlight the work they have done. This is a very interesting first project to learn more about video production. As we are working with students, we must make sure we have the right permissions to record their images.

Arriving at the school, we had to adjust our schedule to deal with some last minute classroom changes, which was not an easy task!  After this we then filmed in some empty rooms, but we also required volunteers students to act as extras to bring some life into our video.

Video Production Diary Image 2

Another interesting side of the shoot was the different spaces we had to film. Either narrow, high or deep rooms, we adjusted our equipment to the needs of the shoot. The cameraman Andrew brought with him a piece of equipment called a “jib”. Its use is very practical, as in one shot we got an entire dynamic view of the classroom. In post-production, it also makes editing easier, as no cut is needed for a few seconds.

To shoot static subjects such as furniture, we used a track, which gave amazing results. It brings life and movement to your image, and allows you to have different points of view in a minimum period of time. Both of those tools take time to set up but bring a very professional look to the video.