Production Diary February 2nd

One of the greatest aspects of working at Tallboy is the wide range of topics we deal with. Each new project brings us knowledge in a specific area and allows us to meet people from different ages, nationalities and occupations.

Today we filmed at a doctor’s surgery, in South East London, for the Royal College of General Practitioners. We shot short interviews with GP ’s and then recreated each doctor doing a day-to-day activity related to their job. The purpose of that video is to encourage young doctors to become General Practitioner in their career.

The shooting day was really pleasant, everything ran smoothly, thanks to the work of our producer, Sally. She planned the day right down to the smallest detail. The Tallboy team collaborated with the staff (nurses, receptionists) at the surgery to re-create typical situations doctors would normally encounter. In order to do that, we also needed patients. But of course, we had to respect their privacy. So we decided that I would play the role of the patient, as well as my colleague Ryan. I even had a wrist splint (for real!), so it was perfect. And quite funny!

Our video is part of a campaign to encourage more Doctors to be GP s. We were delighted to see that our video was broadcasted on the BBC!  I heard the news from a friend saying “ Did I just saw you on BBC being a patient on a hospital bed?! ”

We all were very happy with the result and media coverage – see our ‘The Daily Mail says Tallboy is right’blog.  This is all very rewarding for the Tallboy production team!

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