Today’s shoot was pleasant, as cute little children surrounded us. Indeed, we were filming at a new nursery in Epsom, Fennies.  The purpose of this shoot is part of a promotional video Tallboy are producing for Hawk Training, specialists in apprenticeship recruitment and training.

As we arrived there with our equipment, children started to be curious and amused. We visited the nursery, which is very beautiful and with large well-designed spaces made for children’s well-being.

We started filming in the garden, full of toys and gadgets, where children were playing with the nursery’s apprenticeships. But of course we couldn’t film any child we choose, we had to make do with a selection of children whose parents accepted their child to be filmed.

Video Production Diary Image 8

Children are very nice to film. They have lots of facial expressions and are very dynamic and spontaneous. One of them really liked the camera! He was regularly standing in front looking at the lens, pausing. Funny!

On the other side, it is not easy to film children, as they are very unpredictable. Our two cameramen, Ryan and Simon, had to improvise, be quick, try to catch the best moments by foreseeing nice actions.

We also recorded interviews, with two apprentices who spoke about their experience in the nursery and with they training with Hawk.

Video Production Diary Image 9

The video Tallboy is producing is all part of National Apprenticeship Week (9th March – 13th March). You can see what events are happening this week here, and watch out for our video that will be published this week as well. Please contact Tallboy if you need to Hire a Camera Crew or produce a video.