It was a very early start for Tallboy team (5am)! We drove to Warwick where we were filming a seminar about sales. 1100 people for this annual event hosted by a large training company. A big event meant a big team from Tallboy, made up of two cameramen, one sound recordist, the producer and myself, media manager of the day.

Arriving in Warwick at 8am, we started to set up. We fixed a Gopro overhanging the public so we could make a time lapse of the people getting in.

When the audience started to arrive, our cameramen Andrew and Ryan started to film as ‘roving cameras’. Then, they settled as ‘fixed cameras’, one on each side of the stage.

Sally the producer was overseeing the whole team and the key point of contact between the client and the crew.  She made sure we captured all the content we needed and backed up everything.

On today’s shoot I had to play the role of the ‘media manager’. That meant receiving the memory cards between each take, backing them up, organising data into files according to the content, the different cameras and sound.  Between each take I also had to convert files into MP3 format so that the content could be sent for transcription as soon as possible.

During lunchtime we filmed some interviews in order to get feedback from the audience. Then everybody settled in again to record the lasts speakers and it was already time to pack!

Event recording is something I never did before and I was glad to experience today, with a nice smiling team!