Videos are now being used more and more to pitch new products to potential clients or customers. Video offers so much more than a paper presentation file or flip board. A great sales pitch video can give a flavour of not only the product but also the brand values behind it.

It can offer visuals of how the product is used, include demonstrations of people using the product and why the product is of benefit to them. Sales pitch videos are evolving and becoming more sophisticated, here are a few ways they can be used:

  • In person sales pitch – If you are a wholesaler then this may apply to you, a video that promotes your product or explains your brand values, along with an in-person sales pitch, can make all the difference to the decision makers in the room.
  • Upselling to existing customers – This applies if you are pitching your new product at your already subscribed customers. Making it highly personal to your current email list or current client list showing them the benefits of your new product can be highly lucrative.
  • New to market brand – This product video will have wide appeal to showcase your new brand to the world, you need to make a great impression.

Once you have established who your customers (and so the audience for your video) are then it is time to think about how to demonstrate, in a sales pitch video, why they should choose your product.

Here are six great tips to get you started

  1. It is people who buy products, and so starting your sales pitch on a human note is often a great way to break the ice with your audience. Personal introductions work well in sales pitch videos, especially if you want to create long lasting relationships with customers so you can resell new or different products to them over time.
  2. Anecdotes and human stories work well in sales pitches. Fun or quirky stories or examples of how your product has shaped or fixed a problem will stay in the mind better than lists of facts or figures. Showing how your product has made a difference to a person or organisations life is also something to think about including.
  3. If your sales pitch video is quite long, then give a summary about what is in the video, you don’t want them to switch off before they get to your best content.
  4. The structure of the video is important, remember to have a start, middle and end to your pitch and take your audience on a journey if you can. A great narrative structure will reinforce your message and leave the audience with a sense they really understand who you are and what you are selling.
  5. Contrast what they have now, with what life could be like if they have your product. Video is a great way of showing how different, easy or exciting their life could be if they had your product in their lives.
  6. Surprise with creativity, your audience may watch many sales pitch videos and you want them to remember you. Being structured with your messaging does not have to mean you can’t be creative in the way you deliver the information. Adding elements of surprise, delight or creativity will make your pitch stand out from the rest.

Whilst you may know your product inside and out, you may not have the knowledge or creativity to create a sales pitch video to do it justice. As video consultants Tallboy can guide you through the process of creating an amazing and effective video to aid and enhance how you pitch your product.