Video Marketing and Distribution – Share It!

There is no point having a wonderful video if no one sees it. In today’s world, the number of ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ is driving social engagement. In order for your video to be worth the investment it must reach your intended audience – and potentially exceed that many times over.


So there’s no excuse for leaving your video to languish in video purgatory, buried on an obscure web page. At Tallboy, we’ll work with you not only to ensure it reaches its primary audience, such as your website, but also we’ll help you to consider other platforms to use and show you the right analytics to pay attention to.

Give your audience every option

In the modern multi-platform world, your message has the potential to be seen in hundreds of different places and by millions of different people.

  • They can view it online on your website or on a video sharing site like YouTube
  • They can watch it using their desktop computer, their laptop or their mobile device
  • They can even see it in real life, such as viewing it at a conference or while walking around an exhibition
  • But your video can only do this if you work at giving your audience all the options

The statistics in favour of commissioning a video are impressive – video promotion is over six times more effective than print and online and having video content on your website can increase the chances of a front page Google ranking over fifty times.

Video marketing strategy

At Tallboy, we can dig down into the analytics that show you:

  • Who is viewing it
  • Where they are watching it
  • How they watched it
  • When they lost interest

To maximise your video, we’ll help you with a marketing strategy that embraces as many platforms as possible that reaches as many people as possible and helps you maximise your return on investment.

Video marketing services

  • Adding video to your website: statistics show 50% of those who viewed a marketing video went on to buy something
  • Linking your video to social media sites: videos are shared 1,200% more times than links and text combined
  • Creating a YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter campaign: YouTube accounts for nearly 30% of all Google searches
  • Optimising your YouTube channel: Predictions show increased traffic on YouTube will generate $20bn by 2020
  • Broadcasting via the company intranet
  • Putting video into your mobile device – it’s estimated that now 6 billion people have access to a mobile device
  • Creating interactive online publications: statistics show people engage more with a newsletter containing video
  • Video Search engine optimisation (SEO): video search results have a 41% better click through rate than the text counterpart

At Tallboy, we create your video with intelligence, to effectively tell your story and get your message across.

Contact us today to show the world what you can do.


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