Video Communications Strategy – Tell It!

At Tallboy, we can help turn your idea for a corporate video into a viable and successful video communications strategy

We can make sure your video will perfectly fit into your corporate communications, for either an internal or external audience. We can advise you on what type of video will best suit your message, reach your audience and showcase your company.

Your corporate video should:

  • Complement and enhance your overall communications strategy
  • It should attract views to help it reach a wider audience
  • It should help simplify the message you want the world to hear
  • It should augment and increase brand recognition

In order to tell it, we think of five elements:


We look at this on two levels

  1. Firstly your deadline and when you want the video delivered. A video is no use to you if its delivered after a key event or not in time for a new website launch.
  2. The second timeframe is the life of the video. Is it a marketing tool that will be used again and again or is it a one-off message to the company by the CEO?

At Tallboy, we’ll advise you on the best way to get the life you want out of your corporate video.


At Tallboy, we always put ourselves in the shoes of the audience. If we don’t want to watch the video, then who will? We consider where and how the intended audience will see the video. Once we are under the skin of the audience, then we can advise you the best type and style of video. And it doesn’t stop once the video is delivered – we can help you understand the analytics that could help you get greater engagement.


A good headline tells the story in a sentence – and video works on the same principle. Typically you have up to three minutes to get your message across and keep the attention of the audience. We will not only advise you on what to leave in but more importantly what to leave out. Our team has years of writing short, sharp scripts that will result in a compelling corporate video.


You should always consider your corporate video as an investment – and so what return do you want? If you want a video of your latest event, then it becomes a marketing tool that will ensure more people at next year’s event. Before we shoot a frame, at Tallboy, we will make sure you know how to get the maximum return on investment.


Don’t let your stunning corporate video languish in video purgatory. At Tallboy we can maximize the number of people watching your video by advising you on the different platforms your corporate video can be seen.

If you would like to discuss developing a Video Communications Strategy, please get in touch.


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