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Your corporate video is important. It’s your showcase to the world, conveying your message. It has the potential to be seen by thousands, if not millions of people.



You need to be able to trust the creative team that will help you translate the essence of what you want to say into a compelling and captivating video. You need to know there is the intelligence to understand the message you want to get across and also the experience to be able to convert it to video – whether that’s through imagery, interview or graphics.

We believe in working with you and earning your trust. We want you to have the confidence in us to know we are doing everything we can to achieve the best possible outcome for you. We will listen to your story, ask intelligent questions for clarification, and help you to distil your message to a form that will make a memorable video.

Best approach

We’ll use our experience to make the best creative choices for your corporate video. Using our vast knowledge, we’ll help you decide whether to go for a motion graphics led video or a simple but effective narrative film. We’ll take into account the time your key people have to give us, your deadline and the way your brand looks and feels.

Our Tallboy team all have a professional background, with many of them having decades of working in a broadcast and a corporate environment. They are all driven by a desire to do their best, fuelled by intense curiosity and a love of what they do.

How we work

Once the messages have been determined, and the look and feel of your corporate video decided, the shoot day will also be planned. Filming is disruptive, but we can work with you to make it as easy and as fun as possible. We’ll know exactly what shots we need to get and stick to a schedule that suits you.

We enjoy the challenge of making your location look as stunning as possible and to make the experience as easy and as fun for everyone involved.

After the filming, you’ll also know what to expect next. Tallboy will edit a first version, and then give you a secure link to allow you time to view your video and give feedback. We will stick to your deadlines and discuss with you any changes you need. We’ll work with your branding team to ensure your corporate video is a valuable extension of the way your company presents itself to the world.

Using our experience, Tallboy can also advise you on what platforms your corporate video should use in order to get the maximum audience and the greatest return on investment. Whether it’s your own website or YouTube, we also want your video to be seen by the world and will help you achieve that goal.

Trust Tallboy to make you an intelligent film. Get in touch today


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