Production Facilities – Make It!

Technology has advanced so fast in the last three decades that the tools for making a corporate video are simple, easy to use and produce great results – providing you have the talent to know what to do with them.


High Production Values

We understand the importance of quality and have extremely high production values. That doesn’t mean we’re all about the kit; we believe you can produce great things on equipment purchased in the high street if you have the right people who know not only how to operate the tools, but the talent to turn the results into a meaningful and impactful corporate video.

Knowledge and experience

We’re not above a bit of geeking – our camera operators, sound recordists and directors have years of professional experience and enjoy getting the best from the latest cutting edge technology. But it’s the knowledge they’ve gained over the decades that make the difference between just pointing and shooting and creating a film that you can be proud of.

At Tallboy, our crews will work with you to discover your requirements and advise you on the type of filming that will suit your project best. They can coax the best results out of every piece of equipment from broadcast cameras to iPhones, giving you the look and feel that you want. They can use special kit that makes the camera move smoothly from side to side or up and down and will happily put a drone in the air if it will make your corporate video look fabulous.

Their experience means they are delighted when faced with a filming challenge – such as getting the shot in a cramped, confined space or a low-light environment – and they adore time-lapse and coaxing the best out of a go-pro camera.

Professional expertise

All our technical crews have experience of working with a range of clients over many decades. They work with professionalism and expertise. They also enjoy working with people and take pride in getting the best from everyone involved in the shoots – from making a nervous interviewee feel comfortable, to involving everyone in a company to create a suitable enthusiastic background for a corporate shoot.

At Tallboy, we can shoot in Full HD (1910×1080) and can also shoot in either PAL (European, Australian and South Africa, most of Asia) or NTSC format (USA and Japan).

Here are a few specialist areas Tallboy also covers:

Media Training Camera Crews

We provide a crew to give you an authentic media experience under controlled conditions.

Crisis Training Camera Crews

Our crews can turn on the pressure to help you be prepared for any crisis your company may face.

Foreign language subtitling

Tallboy offer a high quality subtitling service so you can make use of footage shot in another language and to give you the option to share your film with an international audience. Watch the video below to see examples of our subtitled videos.

Time-lapse photography

At Tallboy we have produced many time-lapse films and sequences for our clients. Making time-lapse videos are quite challenging and time consuming, but the results are dramatic and make a relatively dull scene (office, construction, traffic etc.) come to life. Including time-lapse sections can add a dramatic and striking dynamic to your film.

Please view some of the results in our Time-lapse Showreel below:



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