Video Production

You have a message – now you need to tell your audience.

Tallboy has both vast experience and technical expertise and is able to bring your story to life. We’ll make create a video that will have the maximum impact and give you a great return on your investment.

Tallboy believes each video should be unique and tailored specifically for you. We can offer a full array of styles, from a simple interview to all singing motion graphics. Whether it’s white board animation or narrative story telling, the end result will be both creative and exclusive to you.

How we work

We believe the money you spend on a video should translate into a tangible return on investment, such as increased revenue from more customers or better brand recognition.

The production process begins with understanding what you want to achieve. We’ll sit down with you to find out:

  • How will your audience be able to view the video?
  • What do you want your audience to feel after viewing it?
  • Is there something you want the audience to specifically do after watching it?
  • What return on investment do you want?

Get the right treatment

When we’ve agreed on the end goal, we will use our vast experience of corporate video production to create the right treatment for you.

  • We’ll draw up a storyboard to show what the video will look like
  • We’ll create a production schedule so you know how long the whole process is and when you can expect to see your video
  • We’re good with deadlines – our background in broadcast means we thrive on pressure without compromising our production values
  • We’ll be transparent about the budget, so there are no surprises

Our professional team of technicians have decades of experience in making people look and sound good. The team from Tallboy is always thorough, proficient and expert. We take pride in our work. And we’re also great with people – we know how to build rapport, boost an interviewee’s confidence, treat a situation with sensitivity or just make it an enjoyable day!

Above is our Corporate Video Production Showreel, showing some of our services. For more information please contact us.

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