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We are experts in corporate video communications and video production services. We produce and develop films for internal communications, training and recruitment, events and conferences, case studies and testimonials and promotional videos. We design and create stunning video content to inspire and inform, that delivers audience interaction and engagement.

Corporate Video Production

Produce It!

At Tallboy, we’ll use our vast production experience and technical expertise to tell your story. We’ll make the minimum of fuss, giving you our greatest effort to create the maximum impact for you. We believe each video we produce is unique to you – we’ll deliver a creative, intelligent product, effectively.

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Production Facilities

Make it!

If you want it filmed, we can film it. From time-lapse to sweeping views, from beautifully lit interviews to hand held sound bites, we have both the technology and the expertise. Our technical crews bring their experience and their creativity to bring your corporate video to life.

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Motion Graphics & Animation

Move it!

Move it, squeeze it, throw it, grow it – motion graphics gives you the power to bring your logo or text to life and really make your corporate video memorable. At Tallboy, we can create a 2D or 3D sequence that will add impact and power to your message.

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Video Communications Strategy

Tell it!

Your corporate video should both compliment and enhance your overall communications strategy. At Tallboy, we can help to ensure your video will reach a wider audience; we’ll work with you to simplify the message you want the world to hear so your video augments and increases your brand recognition.

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Video Marketing & Distribution

Share it!

There is no point having a wonderful video if no one sees it – don’t leave it in video purgatory. At Tallboy, we’ll work with you to find the right platform and help you to use the analytics to reach the maximum possible audience.

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Trusted, intelligent film makers

We’re Intelligent!

Trust Tallboy to make you an intelligent film. From crafting your message and bringing it to life with interviews and motions graphics; From filming with your teams to getting it seen by the maximum number of people, trust Tallboy.

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