Using video is an effective way of engaging with your audience and helping to influence whatever it is you’d like them to do. Whether that’s to purchase your product or service, promote the brand or simply to boost traffic, it’s one medium that’s becoming popular across all forms of marketing channels, including emails.

Videos can certainly help with your email marketing campaigns but there are certain myths around videos within emails that are worth debunking.

Video Myth – Videos Can’t Be Included in Emails

Yes, it’s true that videos aren’t available to be added into emails. However, even though this might be a disadvantage and what would usually put email marketers off, there are still ways around it. You could link the video to a landing page for one and have a screenshot of the video where you think it would look most enticing. It’s all about how you structure the email’s content to pull focus to the link so that they know that this is where they need to click to watch it.

If you have the extra time, you could splice over a video play symbol over the image to make it look even more appealing to watch.

Video Myth – It Won’t Help with Building Customer Relations

Video done correctly can actually do more for customer relations than most other marketing. With video footage, you could do more to personalize the content and make it specifically tailored for the customer in question. It might be a video to do with a product they had in their basket but abandoned or an introduction to the company.

Video Myth – Videos Rely on a Lot of Resources

It’s clear that video is one of the most popular mediums at the moment and a lot of businesses should be willing to make the investment. When it comes to putting videos into emails, the benefit that comes from spending the money on video marketing can outweigh the hassle or effort that can go into. Your ROI is going to be much more beneficial than just filling the email with text.

Video Myth – It Won’t Affect the Open & Click Rates

WRONG. According to Vidyard, including the word video in your subject line is likely to ‘boost open rates by 19%’. The more dynamic you can make that subject title, the better because it’s going to encourage the individual to click open on the email itself. It’s important to find the balance of not making it look too spammy when it comes to the title but as humans, we’re intrigued by video, whatever it might be.

Video Myth – Video Marketing Is A Waste of Money

Building brand awareness is important but video marketing goes beyond that. With video, you can show your customers the product or service in action. It can be highly educational and is more convincing when it comes to pushing those leads down your sales funnel. When you see something being used for its intention in action, it will really make a difference to how they engage with your email marketing.

So, what are you waiting for? Video marketing in email can be very effective for your business.