If you run a business and are involved in your own marketing, you’ll already understand how important creating video content can be. With the rise of smartphones and better connectivity, we’re consuming videos at a much higher rate than we used to.

Producing video marketing content allows your business to be more engaging and reach out to customers in new and exciting ways.

But how do you make sure that you get the most bang for your bucks? Here are some of our top tips for maximising ROI in your video marketing.

The Why of Video Marketing

It’s not good enough to say that you want to create marketing videos because everyone else is doing it. The planning stage is all about the why.

Why are you targeting your customers with video? Why do you want to make this particular video? Every piece of marketing content needs a reason to exist and the deeper understanding of this you have the better outcome you will achieve. Having more focus will also improve your ROI.

Video Marketing Strategy

The next step is to put in place a comprehensive video marketing strategy. You can’t just throw your content at the wall and see if it sticks.

Whether you are making demo videos, brand videos or something else, you should plan your approach right through the development stage to where you are going to post it and measure your results. It’s important to have your strategy in place before you even pick up the camera.

Putting Your Team in Place

You also need a good team. With smaller businesses, this can be challenging, and you may have to use a mix and match approach of who’s available. There will be a sharp learning curve which means you are probably going to make mistakes in the short-term.

That’s why it can be advantageous to use the services of a video marketing production team who really know what they are doing. It can help reduce your costs and mean that you end up with a product that is fit for purpose.

Who Are You Targeting?

It’s also important for ROI to target your video marketing at the right people. A scattergun approach may get you a few new customers but it’s not going to work efficiently. Know who your customers are in intimate detail and tailor your video content to meet their wants, needs and desires.

Selecting the Right Platform

When you’ve made your video, it’s simply not the end of things. You need to pick the right platforms to reach out to your customer base. That might be YouTube or social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. You may well have to alter your video for each of these mediums (including your own website) so that they are a better fit.

Measuring Performance

Finally, you can’t judge ROI if you don’t measure performance. Make sure that you have the right metrics in place. Doing so means you have an evidence-based approach to what success looks like. It enables you to make changes based on the data and produce video marketing content that hits all the right buttons. That in itself will significantly boost your ROI.