You’ve spent a lot of time creating your brilliant new video and now it’s time to upload it onto YouTube and let the unsuspecting public see it for the first time.

This is what most businesses do. The trouble is this method is often not the most effective way to release a new video. Here we are going to take a closer look at the tease, launch and sustain method. As a strategy for releasing content, it is a proven approach that should give you much better results for your video release and ensure you get maximum viewing over a sustained period.

Tease Your Video Audience

If you look at advertising for products such as mobile phones, you will often find teaser videos and articles that are designed to create anticipation before the main, big launch.

You can do the same with your video. About a week before the main launch, for example, release a short teaser video and you can make sure everyone is prepared for the big day. People who are interested in your product are more likely to make a point of watching your full video when it is released. People who are not interested, will not make that point of watching the main video and that will not impact data results.

This should, in real terms, mean your full release won’t be plagued by short watch times which in turn can influence how visible it is on a channel like YouTube over the long-term.

The Main Video Launch

The day of the big launch is going to require a bunch of different marketing approaches to come together. You have created anticipation with your bite-size release and now you want to add social media and other advertising campaigns that reach out not just to fans and followers but past customers who may be on your mailing list. You can also use approaches such as targeted promoted still frames through pay per click advertising.

It usually takes 7 days before the data starts to show and affect your listing on a site like YouTube. Whether you show up in searches for particular keywords will depend on factors such as likes and dislikes and how many people watch most of the video if not all. That first week of launch, therefore, is a critical period and can define our popularity. Make sure you have all the marketing initiatives in place to make that main launch a success.

How to Keep Things Going

You can’t just leave your video there and hope that it will continue to attract attention. There can often be a big drop-off after that first week. If you want longevity, sustaining strategies are going to become important. These can include using paid promotion to reach a different audience, creating smaller videos that can be used to retarget your audience in different ways and using a range of stills to appeal to different people.

This is probably the hardest part of the strategy but can deliver greater longevity which in turn gives you a better return on investment for your video production. Repurposing, for example, using email marketing with your video as the central focus can also help maintain viewings and enthusiasm for your content.

Developing video marketing for your business is expensive compared to other approaches so it helps to make the most of any content you produce. A more focused launch strategy that includes sustaining activity and popularity by attracting new viewers is just as important as creating that initial anticipation. Tallboy can help you develop and execute a winning video strategy, contact the team today.