Matching creativity to clients

A video is, by definition, a creative process. It’s turning an idea, a thought or a message into something informative or entertaining; that is simple to understand and unambiguous; and most important, gives an accurate representation of your company.

It can be a tough ask to turn a subject such as expense budgeting into a series of videos that are not only compelling to watch, but also educational. The creative process means thinking outside the subject, taking clues from the language used, and, perhaps, most importantly, understanding the client and the audience and knowing just how creative they want to and can be.

Film-Noir-AlleyCreativity is not black and white – it’s a sliding scale. Danny Boyle’s London 2012 Olympic opening ceremony was ultra-creative, so over-the-top it ran the risk of losing the global audience with its dancing NHS nurses and smoking chimneys. But it worked, so much so that even the Queen agreed to take part. Cadbury’s drumming gorilla idea probably looked reckless when first presented to the company’s executives – yet the creative approach paid off. And who would have thought a singing, over-weight, mustached opera singer would be the ideal person to represent an insurance company?

Creative Video Production

The key thing with creativity is trust. Our ethos at Tallboy is “trusted, intelligent filmmakers.” Just as the suits at Cadbury’s had faith in matching a gorilla with Phil Collins, our clients trust us tell their story in a creative way that corresponds with their expectations. The trust we ask for from out clients is to understand how creatively can be used effectively, and to let us use our decades of experience to create the right thing that suits your video.


So going back to the asked-for video series on budgeting, we took the spreadsheets and used them as a basis for a detective story. We hired a smoke machine, bought a trilby hat and filmed it in Film Noir style. We then created graphics that gave it a 40s feel and added in the lone saxophone. We turned a dry subject into something compelling to watch.

Everyone who spoke to us who watched it was extremely complimentary. So much so, that it inspired a rip-off version, culled from readily-available resources from the internet. They do say imitation is the best form of flattery. At Tallboy, we’re just happy that our creatively is appreciated by our clients, who trust us to deliver. And if it inspires otherwise unimaginative people, that’s a bonus.