There are over 1 billion users of YouTube out there all looking for video content to digest. Since Google own YouTube, any video on a YouTube channel will perform better on search engines than blog posts and videos from other places in the web. So. how can you be sure you are getting the most from your YouTube channel? Here are ten ways to make your channel work harder.

  1. Branding – When you create a YouTube channel, you can make a custom background image, called channel art. This makes your page look more professional and reflects your brand design.
  2. Simply the Best  – The “Featured” video should be the strongest content on your channel. You can feature a particular video by clicking the “Videos and Playlists” tab on your account and choosing the best to be “Featured”.
  3. Be Active – Having great video content on YouTube is one thing, to have a successful channel you need to monitor who is watching, what they say and join in on the conversation.
  4. Don’t leave Thumbnails to chance – Make sure that video thumbnails are interesting and clearly show what the video is about so that more people are likely to watch.
  5. All in the name – One of the most powerful parts of the video is the name or title that you give it. Make sure its meaningful, describes the video, includes keywords that are strategic to your business, the name of the product or service and a call to action. The title is indexed (meaning searching lets people find it by name) and, if the title is something people look for, you have a good chance of being found.
  6. Make sure you are linked – Make it as easy as possible for the viewer to go from watching the video to visiting your website, always use live links in the video description. This also will count as a high-ranking back-link which will help your website rise in the google search results.
  7. Have good descriptions – A YouTube video description can be 5,000 characters long and is also indexed, giving you more chances for people to find your video content. The video description should be readable, compelling and engaging, acting as a mini-ad for the video itself.
  8. Don’t forget your tags – ‘Tags’ or keywords are pieces of information to help people find what they are looking for. Longer keywords work better than broad, single-word tags. Tags of more than two words should be surrounded by double-quotes, ie.“ World Wide Widgets”. You can tag videos with your company name, your location and business or service type. It’s important to use tags but don’t go over-board, 5 tags is enough – as long as they are meaningful.
  9. Embed, Embed, Embed  – It’s really easy to use YouTube when you want to embed your videos on your blog or website and to other social sites like Facebook and Google+. Videos are attention grabbing and can be effective in clearly showing product benefits or describing a service that you offer.
  10. Think about your content – Think about your potential audiences and what they are interested in. Develop content that you know people are hungry for, keep an eye on what is getting viewed. Don’t follow the crowd, dare to be different and stand out from your competitors.

Take a look at our own Tallboy YouTube Channel to see what we can do.