Have you ever tried Video Ads and struggled to make them convert? Spent lots of money with Facebook and got no results? Day 20 of my video challenge I talk about the five strategies which will make high-converting video ads.

Here are the five strategies:
1. Target the right audience. Don’t try to appeal to everyone. You have got to niche. Pitch to the person you want to reach and talk about their problem and how you can help.
2. Keep it short. If the video is at the top of your sales funnel, you should make it short to create awareness. Your audience has to get to know you first before they can like you and trust you and then buy. So aim for 30 seconds or less.
3. A strong start. You need to grab your audience attention before they scroll past. This means no unnecessary intros, logos or stings. You need to jump straight in, so no waffling at the start.
4. Please don’t confuse the viewer by giving them options. Remember, video ads are part of the customer journey. Don’t expect the potential customer to buy only after watching one video. Map out a clear content journey where your attendant audience will get to like you and then trust you.
5. Test, test, test. Have more than one video, test different messages, different thumbnails, different durations. By testing, you’ll find out which gets the most reaction.

Video ads can provide a massive boost to your marketing success, that is if you do them right. So follow these strategies to start creating ads that actually convert.