A piece of bread is not just a piece of bread. It’s a snack, breakfast toast, a sandwich… It’s part of the entertainment in the park with the ducks, or it can even be dessert when mixed with sugar, milk and raisins.

Likewise, video isn’t just video. It’s simply the starting point. Imagine you’ve taken the first step and made a short video explaining what your company does. It’s very easy and cheap to re-edit and re-position a video for a variety of uses. Here are just a few things you can do with it.

Put it on your homepage: 

It’s a great way of attracting attention – but go further. Put Google Analytics on the video, or get it hosted with a video streaming service like VimeoWistia, or JW Player. All these sites will give you a degree of analytics, allowing you to work out:

  • How many people have viewed it
  • How long they watched it for
  • Where they watched it, what country
  • IP address
  • Age range and genders
  • And even what device (PC, MAC or mobile)

Think what you can do with that knowledge when it comes to target marketing.

Embrace YouTube:

Re-edit the original video to create a longer or shorter version that is specifically for YouTube. When filming the original video, think about filming extra scenes or a speech that can then be used to create a series of different videos.

This is hugely effective for instructional videos. Film a whole series, months in advance, then release them regularly on your own YouTube channel. Customers who enjoyed the first one will return if there is a new video to see, which means you’ve just created a new source of repeat business.


Think about an email campaign saying, ‘Hey, we’ve got this video’ and linking through to your site. A quick and cheap re-edit will allow you to put video in an online magazine. Use a video to wish all your customers “Happy Christmas”. Put it on as many sites as possible to create a stronger online presence. After all, you’ve gone to the trouble of making a video – why not show it to as many people as possible?

The great thing about any kind of online marketing is that it’s all trackable. You can test and improve everything, and see the return on your investment. This is easy to systemise and turn into a regular part of your business, so your marketing constantly evolves to keep up with your customers’ changing tastes and interests.

Want to know more about getting your video online, and don’t know where to start? Please watch my short video!