When you’ve spent time and money creating business video, it’s vital to plan and integrate that video content into your overall business plan. We have a selection of ideas perfect for your business.

A. Make the video your audience needs

If you have a product, the easiest video to make is the classic ‘how to’ video.  This type of video can be simple; it can use humor; it can be short and to the point. Bosch is famous for its expert videos and they prove the next point – ‘how to’ videos are watched over and over again. And think differently with a ‘how to’ video – perhaps a video showing how to recycle your product or using the product for a different purpose are great too.

Collaborate to make a great business video

Videos showcasing services are also easy to produce and work well. The easiest way for you to market your business is to include other people. Collaborative videos have an inbuilt audience – all the people whom you feature or mention, and they are very likely to share your material with others. There are several ways to do this:

  1. Mentions – talk to or about other people. Could be clients, suppliers or collaborators. Let them know they feature in your video – people love to share nice things about themselves!
  2. Collaborations – A joint video exploring how you’ve worked together is a great idea; these videos are very popular on B2B sites and use strategic keywords
  3. Interviews – Use a trade show or a joint project as an excuse to interview your business partners. Odd subjects we’ve seen go viral include a cameo performance by an apprentice who was part of the Tour de France support team and a team leader being interviewed by her team in a Dragon’s Den format for a training video.

B. Sales videos are great too

Sales videos should be short and punchy. Great ways to market your company through sales videos are:

  • Exploit the current trends: If your product fits into a current news story or zeitgeist, a short and precise video can work. A word of caution – don’t try to get a square peg into a round hole. This is where a professional video production company can really deliver, because they can help you locate your product or service perfectly into the bigger picture.
  • Video can build relationships with customers – sharing ‘exclusive’ news about new products is just one way to build relationships by making your customers feel special. Use video to engage them.

c. Testimonial videos

These are highly effective. They should be short and punchy, so professional video production (and post production) is necessary to ensure good content and to get them to look fantastic. These videos can boost business credibility by showing potential customers how valuable you are to existing ones.

Using three corporate video styles to market your business effectively

Using the three different kinds of video can lead to a multi-part video format. Start with a new product explainer video, back it up with a full on sales video and then a testimonial one showing how the product has worked for a loyal customer.

This approach gives you three different angles on a single subject, is easy to market, and makes your video content much more likely to succeed with your customer base.