Corporate video making is often described as the softer end of film making; very often the location is indoors; it’s usually scheduled in office hours and the deadlines can be quite flexible.

However, occasionally a corporate shoot takes a different form. This week, the Tallboy team found itself at the London School of Diving in Chiswick, South West London, helping demonstrate the importance of shared values in a business environment by using a swimming pool.

Dive Shoot

The shoot was indoors – and that posed it’s own problems. The pool used by the school is kept at a barmy 34 degrees and as soon as the cameras came in from the cold February morning, they steamed up. We had to build time into the shoot to make sure all the lenses and camera bodies acclimatised before we could shoot a frame.

The main challenge in this shoot was ensuring all the different aspects of the story were filmed. We’d spent a considerable amount of time on risk assessments, ensuring our underwater cameraman had the right certification and making sure our presenter was fit and physically able to do the shoot. We needed a sound person who could work magic with an echoey swimming pool and a couple of camera people who wouldn’t mind potentially getting a bit damp. With all that going on, it would have been easy to overlook why we were there – what the actual message was that we needed to get across.

The staff at the LSD were brilliant. They often work with film crews and it shows. They were exactly what you needed in these circumstances – calm, patient and above all, willing to do things over again if necessary. In corporate filmmaking, having a good relationship with the client is key, and Tallboy and the LSD ended the day on excellent terms – thank you!

A shoot like this also brings its own challenges in terms of continuity – our presenter had to do the wet shoot in the morning. Which meant we had to be on hand with hot towels to ensure he looked as if he’d never been near a swimming pool when he was filming his opening piece to camera – which, in true shooting fashion, was shot as the last part of the day.

While this shoot is challenging, it demonstrates the creativity that can be applied – we took the rather dry messages, added a sprinkling of water, and created a splash.

Watch our presenter Bob do somersaults underwater.