Crowdfunding is a powerful tool that can be used to raise money for any project or business venture. The internet is full of success stories of start-ups around the world that began by attracting this kind of investment from the general public.

As you might expect, how you pitch your idea will often determine the amount of crowdfunding you end up getting. There’s no doubt that producing a great video to explain your project and get people motivated can make a big difference in the level of funding you are able to raise.

But how do you make a great crowdfunding film? Here are our top tips:

What Are You Offering?

The first thing you need to get clear is what you are offering your potential investors. Most are not going to be altruistic and will want something in return for their investment. Yes, you may have a radical idea that certain charitable people will want to help you with. But for most products or projects, there needs to be pay off that works for the person who will be investing.

This needs to be settled on and scripted before you even decide to get your video camera or smartphone out and start recording. You need to decide what you are going to say and you need to think about how you are going to present your case for investment. It’s a good idea to take a look at some successful crowdfunding videos and try to understand how these were put together and what they have which sets them apart from the rest.

What you will find is that they are often more focused on the audience than on the product or service itself.

Who Are the Stars of Your Video?

You might have the perfect project idea but it’s dangerous to assume that you’re also the perfect person to present it to the world at large. Crowdfunding is littered with videos that are presented by uninspiring characters who fail to ignite their base and get the money they need.

This is where you need to ask some serious questions. Do you need to get a professional team in to present the video? Is there natural talent in your business that you can use? Making the right choices here should ensure that you have engaging personalities presenting your case.

Keep It Short, Stick to the Message

Most marketing and advertising execs will advise to keep video content as short as is possible to get your point across. You want to open with a bang that keeps the viewer engaged and get your points across as quickly and entertainingly as possible. And, just as importantly, you don’t want to drag on for too long. If you feel like you have a lot to say you can always create supplementary videos to support the initial pitch video to go into more detail.

Shoot More Than You Need

While too much content can be bad for your pitch, you want to be able to choose from enough video footage to produce something that is meaningful and engaging. It helps to shoot more than you actually need because that gives you better options when you come to editing. Just like writing a pitch, you can include information or leave it out – nothing is written or videoed in stone.

Editing Your Crowdfunding Film

Assuming you have reasonably decent production values, the key to a successful crowdfunding video pitch is going to come down to the editing. How scenes and shots are cut and put together will have a huge impact on the dynamic nature of the content you are producing. That’s why it always helps to work with a professional video production team who knows what they are doing and understands the brief of your crowdfunding pitch.

Finally, you need to measure the response you get from your video and learn how to make it better. Small tweaks here and there can make a big difference to your funding.