While websites are a great way to get your business out in front of the general public, they can also act as a barrier against deeper and more personal engagement. One way to make your digital presence highly accessible is to include talking head videos.

When done well, corporate talking heads videos can create a strong connection between your business and your customers, and they don’t have to be dull!

What Are Talking Head Videos?

Simply put, a talking head video is simply one where the main focus is someone talking directly to the camera. They give you the chance, for instance, to put across what your company is all about and make a clear connection with your customers. They differ from interview style videos where there are usually two people talking to each other, essentially having an online conversation.

The Benefits of Talking Head Videos

Video in itself is an engaging medium and has become increasingly popular over the last decade or so because of the greater use of smartphones. These mean we can access a huge variety of content at any time, wherever we are.

Add in that we find video easier to digest and engage with and it’s no surprise that this is by far the most popular medium currently online.

A talking heads video is relatively simple to produce. If you have a spokesperson who sounds good onscreen and is equipped with the right message, it can create a strong bond between you and your potential customers. Add the right lighting, script and editing and you have a well-produced engaging video that your customers want to engage with.

Talking heads videos enables businesses to get a large amount of information across in a short space of time and people are more likely to watch an entire video than read a full page of web content.

You can post your talking head video in a variety of places –on your website, on social media like Facebook and Twitter and on video sharing sites like YouTube. All that means you can potentially reach a much wider audience with the same marketing product.

How To Create A Great Talking Head Video

As with any form of content online nowadays, it’s all about the quality. If you have a dull, uninteresting person speaking straight to camera with little or no enthusiasm, it’s not going to work no matter how exciting the message is. Having an experienced team to help you create a talking heads video that catches people’s attention and delivers the information in an engaging way is how the TallBoy team can help.

While visitors to your site are more likely to watch video content than read a piece of content, length is an important factor in engagement. Keeping it short helps. It also means your message is likely to be better focused because you have less time to fill. The longer your talking head video goes on for, the more likely someone is to tune out, however enigmatic your star is.

You may be a solicitor who wants to demonstrate why you’re the expert to call. You might want to provide a human face to your brand so that people connect with you better. Perhaps you just want to launch a new exciting product. Understanding what you want to achieve is key to keeping your talking head video focused. Once you have all these factors in place, you’ll find you have a powerful tool that engages customers more than other types of content.