In the years I’ve spent helping organisations develop their corporate communications, I’ve seen video produce some outstanding results in a huge variety of fields. Unfortunately, many organisations still don’t fully appreciate video’s power within corporate and B2B communications.

Video offers far more than just a flashy way of introducing your website.

With the right approach, video can win you new business, improve the quality of your internal communications, get better results out of your training and develop strong presence online. It represents a wonderful return on investment, but first you need to know how to do it and a few ideas of what type of video is needed in your organisation.

As there are too many to list in one blog, I will break them up into parts which I will be writing over the coming weeks. Part one will be looking at how to make internal communications more engaging with a motion graphics video.

Internal comms videos are so boring… 

The traditional internal communications videos can be seen to be dull to an employee watching.

Not surprising, just having one person speaking directly at the camera for over 15 minutes can spring a few yawns!

Yes, it is important that the CEO talks in a video imparting to his/her employees vital information about upcoming company changes, the current financial situation or issues that need to be addressed, etc. And when it’s just a ‘talking head’ with no supporting visual materials, then it can be see to be boring.  Enter the motion graphics video…

What is a motion graphics video?

The term “motion graphics video” is often used to describe a wide range of storytelling techniques that combines animation, info-graphic elements, drawings, photography, video footage, typography, sound effects, music and narration.

Combining some, a little, or all these elements will allow you to tell a story in a more emotive and compelling manner, especially when you don’t have much or any visual materials.

Tops reasons to use motion graphics in your next corporate video:

It’s flexible – If you have a complex idea or concept to communicate, this type of video can help recreate those elements and environments that may be impossible to film.

It’s engaging – People like watching these types of videos. It can make your message more informative, ‘fun’ and dynamic.

It’s popular – Tallboy are making all sorts of motion graphic videos for all sorts of companies. I can only see the trend to use this type of video as a means of corporate communication becoming more and more popular.

Please watch our motion graphics showreel for some ideas of what Tallboy could produce for you.