Most business owners understand that a meaningful and purposeful message is important when it comes to marketing.  A landing page that has a good, strong call to action, for example, is designed to move your customer onto the buying phase as seamlessly as possible.

Creating an emotional connection with your potential customer is always vital. That’s where concepts like inspirational lifestyle videos have been so successful in recent years. They allow viewers to see themselves in the space you have created and dream of a better life.

A video that highlights all the different features of your latest gadget will work to a certain extent, and in many cases it’s a useful marketing tool. A video that shows someone using your product in a sun drenched location or achieving something remarkable because they have your product is completely different.

It’s aspirational. And that’s the point.

It moves away from the marketing by numbers approach and goes for something more emotional – it also has the added advantage that viewers often don’t feel like they’re being sold to.

Inspirational Videos Tell Stories We Can Relate To

Many top marketing videos tell a story that resonates with people all around the world. A Google Map marketing video at 3 minutes might seem a tad long for an advertising campaign. The story involves Saroo Munshi Khan who got lost at the age of five and wasn’t reunited with his mother until over twenty years later, all with the help of Google Maps. What the company did was find a unique customer and look beneath the surface – the result was a video that instantly went viral and has been viewed over 2.5 million times despite its length.

Inspirational videos can take many different forms but they are all about making us relate. IKEA are masters at creating these kinds of marketing products. Their 2 minute 50 second exploration of how to make the most of your space if you rent a small room is the perfect example. It is full of different ideas to create engaging and chic environments that are brimming with functionality.

Inspirational videos can tug on all sorts of heart strings. Go Pro attached one of their mobile cameras to a fireman showing him saving the life of a kitten. They can also be empowering as with the Dove #likeagirl campaign that turned feelings such as anxiety and self-consciousness around by making them appear normal.

The Benefits of Inspirational Videos

When it comes to marketing, inspirational lifestyle videos bring several things to the table. The first is that they are more likely to be watched than traditional ‘features and benefits’ video. That’s one reason why large corporations have moved increasingly into this arena.

They’re also videos that are likely to be shared in greater numbers. They have the potential to go viral where other video content simply won’t. It gives the chance for your brand to be associated with a really great story or concept that viewers are more willing to embrace.

Video is a really important part of the marketing mix nowadays – consumers are more likely to access it and watch it compared to other types of content. Even if you are a small business, if you can think of a great story to tell that is likely to resonate with your customers, it not only helps promote your brand but also creates a strong and undeniable connection between you and those you want to reach out to.

Whatever video you want to create TallBoy can bring a strong vision to life and distribute the video so it is seen by the right audience for your product or service.