Influencer marketing, particularly through social media platforms, is becoming one of the most popular marketing tools through which businesses try to sell their products. Video creation and distribution to increase your marketing goals can be helped along by influencer marketing. TallBoy films has years of experience in getting your message out there.

In his article we explain what is involved in influencer marketing and demonstrate some of the ways that it can help your business.

What is Influencer Marketing?

As its name implies, influencer marketing revolves around the use of a key “influencer” who is considered to be likely to direct his or her followers towards a particular product. Marketers seek to identify those people who they feel are the most likely to have an influence on prospective purchasers and build a marketing campaign around them. Of course, the use of famous actors, sport stars and other celebrities in the marketing industry has been established for many years but the growth of social media has broadened the playing field, so that less well-known people can establish themselves as influencers and can reach an immense potential market in real time.

How Can Influencer Marketing Help Your Business?

  • Through the use of social media, businesses can connect with their chosen market quickly and easily. Using an influencer in branded video content provides their prospective customers with a trusted personality to support their purchasing options. Social media advertising has become one of the principal marketing strategies of businesses of all sizes in recent years and the use of video marketing through a key influencer is now the choice of many marketers.
  • The value of “word of mouth” marketing should never be under estimated. Consumers are more likely to invest in a product that is recommended to them by a trusted person, especially if they feel that the message is being delivered directly to them.
  • Influencer marketing enables your business to target a particular market. An influencer who is likely to appeal to an audience from a selected demographic is most likely to persuade its members to make a purchase.
  • Using an influencer who is trusted will engender trust in your product, which, in turn, will make it more likely that your targeted audience will make a purchase.
  • Influencer marketing, through effectively produced video content, involves the consumer feeling part of a conversation about a product. Thus, a potential buyer feels that he or she is being involved in a discussion rather than spoken The “hard sell” that is associated with some other forms of marketing can be off-putting. Influencer marketing can avoid this through the use of a carefully selected influencer, a suitably targeted market and a skilful production.
  • An influencer marketing campaign can give your products a contemporary, modern and up to date feel. Using an influencer who is currently popular and newsworthy can therefore make your products seem similarly relevant and worth buying.

Influencer marketing is now well established as a marketing tool. If you feel that your business would benefit from an influencer marketing campaign, the three most important requirements are to identify your market, select an influencer who is likely to persuade that market to invest in your product and engage a production company that will ensure that the message is effectively passed from your chosen influencer to your selected market.