Having a professionally filmed video on your website can help boost your traffic, increase your conversion rate and engage your audience.  Internet surfers are now expecting to see a video on your website. I am not sure if we are just getting lazy, but in the not too distant future we will be watching websites rather than reading them.

According to leading research company Forrester, 1 minute of video is equivalent to 1.8 million words. In less than 2 years, according to e-marketer, 76% of online audience, or roughly 200 million people, will be viewing video online on a regular basis. As much as we like the written word, videos are more powerful than words simply because people think visually.

In the years I’ve spent helping organisations develop their corporate communications, I’ve seen video produce some outstanding results in a huge variety of fields.  Continuing the series of ideas for videos for your business, this week we look at promotional and sales videos.

The benefits of promotional and sales videos:

  • Demonstrations and product demos.  This is an excellent way to demonstrate the benefits of your product or service directly.  Allowing your prospects to actually seeing how the product or service works is far more effective than any piece of sales copy you could write.
  • Sales.  Not only are sales videos far more likely to convert a prospect into a customer than a letter or email, they also allow you to put a friendly face on your organisation, selling your personality as well as your product.
  • Company promo/brand awareness.  A strong brand is essential to any successful company and video is a wonderful tool when establishing it.  Just a short video incorporating your logo, what you do and your USP is a highly effective addition to a homepage, or as a way of introducing presentations and seminars.
  • Lead Generation.  If you’re looking to capture your prospects’ contact details by offering them a free product of some sort, a video is an excellent way of introducing your offer and provides a powerful call to action.

Consider these options carefully, as one of the options you may not have considered could potentially be just what you were looking for to win new business or improve the quality of your marketing and sales and ultimately ROI for your business.

You can find what type of videos we produce here at Tallboy