If you are selling a service, then you know the power of personal contact. Your customers are more likely to have chosen you because they feel a strong connection. A video will harness your personality to showcase you and your service in a way that words never can.

5 reasons why video will benefit your service

  1. Personality: Your personality sells your service. So allow it to shine through on a video. You have a face and a voice – and your passion for what you do will be apparent via a 30 second video in a way a 200-word article can’t.
  2. Simplicity: A video will say it like it is. Face to face and spoken communication is about creating a feeling – such as trust. More complicated information can be communicated later.
  3. Trust in your brand: Consistency in the message and the way your company communicates is always helpful to build trust in a brand. Combine points one and two above and you can see how video continues that process.
  4. Vivid customer testimonials: People buy from people and so positive customer feedback is crucial. Video is a superb way to bring that feedback to life.
  5. Sharing: If one of your customers had a good experience, they are likely to recommend you. They could share a website link or, better still, a video. And so there is the potential for your customer base to expand.

What makes a great video

A professional video production company will work with you to make sure your video is exactly right for the people who you want to target. They will be able to advise you on the best way to get the message across – it could be an extremely simple video or something with complex motion graphics. Either way, it will be educational, inspirational and most importantly, engaging and relevant to the audience that matters most to you.

Use video to make your call to action

When people watch video, it’s believed there’s a higher rate of information retention. So a video asking or guiding customers through the next steps is a great way to get potential customers to act and engage. The call to action should be simple, easy to perform tasks, such as signing up for a webinar or taking advantage of a voucher offer.

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Increase your authority with video

Customer testimonials are the vital to any company that performs a service – potential customers want to hear it from satisfied clients. We all know how theatre reviews just take one of two words out of context, so a damning review can actually look quite positive. It’s impossible to do that with video, so your review will not only be glowing, it will be authentic too.