We’re all getting a little stir crazy at the moment but with lockdown restrictions now being eased, we can hopefully get back to something that resembles a normal life. For businesses, reaching out to customers has never been so important than it is at the moment, and a Video Consultant can really help you reach customers like never before.

Add Personality with Video

If you have spent a lot of time building a mailing list for your business, it’s relatively easy to send direct updates and supportive messages as well as product and service announcements to your loyal customers. If you want to make things a little more personal, however, adding video to your email campaigns has a couple of big advantages:

  • It gives your business a human face that people appreciate (especially at this time of isolation) and can lead to more engagement with customers.
  • It’s the type of content that is more often viewed by audiences, especially when the message you send is targeted to their needs and personalised.

So how do you make use of video in this way? Here are our top tips:

  1. Develop a Video Series

If you have a product or service that lends itself to a series of short, engaging videos, building a series that you can send out via email to your customers helps to forge a strong connection.

For example, perhaps you want to produce a series of videos that show how to get the best out of your product or service.

  1. Let Customers See You in Action

Presenting your human side to customers helps to build a strong connection and one great way to do this is by producing behind-the-scenes videos.

These types of video can be quite powerful because they give a face to your business. You could show people answering customer queries in the office, give an insight into product development meetings or show your business at a national event. These could all boost brand awareness and engagement.

  1. Testimonial Videos

There’s an adage in marketing: People buy from people. Testimonials and reviews by customers who have used your product or service and really liked it provide social proof, helping to add to your reputation. Testimonial videos are easy to view and show ‘people just like us’ who are relating their experience.

  1. Personal Messages

Especially at this time when everything seems to be so up in the air, personal messaging can mean a great deal to customers. Tailoring video for your audience is essential – it could be a thank you for buying a product or an update on how you are preparing for reopening your business. The more personal you can make it the better.

  1. Video Newsletters

Many businesses use newsletters delivered by email as a way to keep customers updated. These can have lower viewing and opening rates than you might expect if you are simply using text and images. Changing your newsletters into a video format makes all the difference. It allows you to produce content that is not only more engaging but is much easier to consume by your audience.

There are several ways that you can utilise video in email marketing. Much of the content you produce for this type of activity can also be used for other channels such as social media as well as on your website.

Our advice is to start building bite-size videos and build up a catalogue that helps you present your human face to customers and encourage more engagement. For advice on how to connect customers with your brand through the power of great video content and strategy call us to discuss you next project.