In the last decade or so, there has been a revolution in social media advertising. With so many of us accessing our feeds through mobile devices wherever we are in the world, video has become an integral part of the marketing landscape.

Paid adverts on social media are one of the best ways to get your brand message out there in front of the right demographics. Unlike other marketing initiatives that take time to bed in, it can have an almost immediate effect and a video advert has more impact than any other.

Twitter Video Adverts

Including video in your Twitter advertising has been shown to improve engagement and drive conversions and sales compared to simply written posts and even those with an attractive static image. As consumers, we love video content, and it engages us on a level that is both personal and emotional.

But how do you get your Twitter video adverts optimised and deliver the best return on investment? Here are four tips for doing just that:

  1. Keep Your Content Short

Twitter doesn’t have very long videos like Facebook so the first thing you need to concentrate on is creating short, bite-sized content. Some research suggests consumers expect any ad to be no more than about 15 seconds long which is a pretty good guideline for Twitter.

It’s not just the length of the video that matters. If you are including written content, that needs to be short too. In essence, we’re in the ‘less is more’ school of marketing and it’s far more effective than longer content. This can be a useful restriction for businesses as it means that their approach is more likely to be highly focused.

  1. Mobile Friendly Videos are Key

The vast majority of people now view their Twitter feeds and other social media timelines on smartphones. That means your video needs to be tailored to work well on mobile rather than a large desktop or laptop screen.

Another key factor is that people often look at videos with the sound turned off. The sound doesn’t come on until consumers tap on the video on Twitter. This can mean your message can get lost or is ignored.

Whether you’re on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, seriously consider adding captions to your video.

  1. Have a Strong Call to Action

It’s no use spending all that money on high-quality video content for your social media ads without having a strong call to action.

This needs to have value for your potential customer and encourage them to buy your product or hire your service. It also needs to be clear and focused.

  1. Be Focused

This brings us to the type of content you will be producing for video ads on Twitter. The temptation with video, especially for small businesses, is to try and push as much as possible into the content. This can often mean that the message presented is confused.

Because you are dealing with short content, you need to focus on one marketing message rather than diluting things with too much information. This is actually something that you should be aware of for all your content, whether it’s written, an infographic or a video. It means you should get a better response and more conversions if you get that message right.

If you are considering creating video content talk to the video strategy experts at Tallboy to get the best results for your video content.