Over the last few weeks we have brought to you 12 different ways of saying Happy Christmas – we hope you enjoyed them!

Truth be told, I found the making of these videos harder than I thought.  I’ve worked in broadcast or video production since I was 21. I’ve done my time on door-steps, with a camera on my shoulder waiting for hours for someone to do something.

I’ve directed award-winning corporate videos. I passed my skill on to those who wanted to know (and to those who didn’t as well); I’ve learned new skills as cameras got smaller and actual video tape got consigned to museums. And over the years, I have worked with some of the most amazing presenters and actors.

So when the Tallboy team came up with an idea to celebrate the 12 days of Christmas by showcasing 12 ways to shoot a simple interview for a corporate video, I thought how hard can it be to deliver four sentences on camera?

We booked in half a morning for the shoot. The script was written, the wardrobe picked. Face dusted with non-shine powder. The camera set up, the microphone in place. Lights switched on, sound and pictures synced – and action.

And nothing.

80 words. That’s all I had to remember. 80 not very complicated words. But when you are talking to an inanimate object like a camera and you have three people standing in front of you, waiting for you to perform – well, fair to say I have a whole new respect for people like Ant & Dec.

One hour turned into two. Two hours turned into three. We had coffee.  We tried with autocue (that’s a completely different skill) and without autocue. We had more coffee. I’d get the first bit nailed and then be so euphoric my mind would go blank and I’d forget the end. Or I’d muck up the start, yet the ending would be brilliant. Just how hard was this presenting lark?

Outside, we suffered from the location presenter’s worst nightmares – beeping cars (why do they do that?); curious bystanders who just stand and look (haven’t they got jobs?) and passers-by who wanted to be in the video.  I was offered popcorn, recognized as ‘that man from off the telly’ and berated by a passer-by who thought I was a politician.

The patient Tallboy team stood by as I did take after take after take. They offered support, advice and yet more coffee. They laughed with me. At times, they laughed at me. But finally, we got there.  12 ways to say the same thing.

It’s not hard, this presenting stuff. It’s really hard.

So thank you for your interest, views and comments about our campaign.  To show our appreciation we’d like to share one last film with you – The Bloopers!  So sit back, enjoy and take delight in watching how even the professionals find this presenting lark tricky!

To watch all 12 Christmas videos visit our album on Vimeo.