Imagine, if you will, the dark ages, when there were only four television channels and they all went off air at midnight.  Once a programme was transmitted, it was over.

Fast-forward a few years and broadcasting became multi-channeled and 24 hours.  It became an insatiable beast that needed constant feeding. Suddenly, programmes that were languishing deep in the vaults of television companies became a valuable commodity, filling the airtime at 3am.

One clever television presenter saw the future very clearly and negotiated a deal to include repeat fees for a then live topical television programme, a clause that then was laughed at. A decade later, every night as he slept the sleep of the astute, money for those repeats poured into his bank account. He bet on the future and won big.

As you now perhaps head off for your summer holiday, learn from that television presenter. Think of it like this; as you return from your adventures, tanned, rested and ready to face the British winter, your garden may be overgrown. The lawn will be lush and the wisteria dense. If you’re smart like that television presenter and use video, your business will also have thrived and be knee deep in potential customers, ready to do business with you.

Video works so you can lie on a sun-bed reading the latest Harry Potter. While you’re sipping a rum punch and admiring the view, the video showing your latest product is dropping into the in-boxes of your customers. It’s built with a handy link that lets them click onto the ‘buy’ page. As you go for a short swim in the pool, your video is keeping your brand firmly in the minds of your stakeholders. Your video is working hard so you don’t have to.

Perhaps your customers and investors are also enjoying their summer holidays.  Video is good at being ready to perform when it’s needed the most – a welcome back message would work better than a wish-you-were-here postcard. A well-crafted and planned video means you don’t have to join the bank holiday traffic jams to get back to the city with everyone else  – you can have another 48 hours to wear shorts while your video does the hard work and gently and creatively welcomes your customers back to the real world.

Video doesn’t differentiate between your customers and your staff, and is happy serving either. Perhaps the summer signals a slightly less frantic time, so use video to let your team find out what’s coming up next at a time that suits them.

Our smart television presenter was clever enough to see the value of video. Are you?