LinkedIn is the world’s biggest business network, so if you run a company or head up a business marketing department, it’s important to be engaging with this network in a positive way. Harnessing the power of this network combined with smart video content is a way to reach the relevant, defined and engaged audiences you may be seeking.

This is especially true for those organisations who want to grow their professional and brand reputations amongst their business peers and potential corporate customers. Video is the best way to not only impart knowledge and facts to these potential customers and stakeholders, but also create a vibe or a feeling about your brand to increase conversions or brand reputation.

Why use LinkedIn

Connections within the business community have always been important, but utilising online social platforms like LinkedIn to make those connections is now seen as the business norm. This means that most professionals are now on LinkedIn, and engage with it as part of their job and are encouraged by their employers to make connections. Unlike other social platforms you are defined on the platform by your role and CV. The connections made on LinkedIn are specific to the role you are in, and the groups on the platform are also job specific. This is perfect if you want your video content to reach a defined audience as you can create content for that audience and then distribute it to those who fit the criteria within the LinkedIn platform.

How to use LinkedIn with Video Content Marketing

Creating video content for a defined audience is often the best way to connect with that audience and make them remember your message or convert on your offer of services and products. Around half of the content on LinkedIn is already video based and LinkedIn users are a captive, receptive audience that will respond to a well-crafted message. Video has longevity on LinkedIn as after publishing, you can continue to use it and link to it when posting other messages and updates about your company to reach fresh eyes as your connections grow.

LinkedIn Video Content Tips

  • Remember to link back to your videos (when relevant) in future posts
  • Have a great, concise and eye-catching headline
  • Make your content as specific as possible to target the niche audience who will appreciate your content.
  • If you want to reach a diverse audience group, consider creating more than one video and target the message in a specific way to individual audience types. In this way they are receiving the information that is relevant to them and so they will engage more.
  • If you don’t have wide connections on LinkedIn then consider their paid advert options to get your video to a wider audience.
  • Open up your business with a vlog or behind the scenes videos. Making connections is what LinkedIn is all about so humanising your business will work well on this platform.
  • Your videos must be mobile and tablet compatible as most of the audience will be watching your content on their phones. This is also something to consider when creating the visual aspects for the video as small details may be missed on a smaller screen.

If you want to harness the power of LinkedIn to grow your brand or promote your products or services, then the video experts at Tallboy can show you how.

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