When you create a good video, it can engage and excite your potential customer base in a way that mere words simply cannot. According to research, viewers are up to 600% more likely to respond to a visual medium such as a promo video than they are to blog or targeted email marketing. Events and conferences are big business in the UK and across the world and whether the event needs to sell tickets, or simply inform or excite the visiting delegates a strong event promotion video is a must.

The challenge, of course, is to put together the best content, style and delivery possible for your event. Here are a few ideas on how to promote your next conference, gathering or event.

Highlights from a Previous Event

If you have run this event, or a similar one in the past then you will have some great footage to share with your new delegates. Footage of previous delegates engaging with the program, highlights from keynote speakers. You can also have interviews with previous delegates describing their experiences and give a flavour of any program highlights and after conference events that may occur.

Slick & Stylish Event Promotion Video

If you have not run this event before and need something completely new, then it is time to meet with an experienced video production company like TallBoy to discuss the type of promotion you want to create. This may be in the form of a video invitation showcasing the program of the event or the location it is going to be held at, a talking head invitation from the CEO or program leader. Increasingly event promo videos are becoming more like an advert for a product utilizing celebrity endorsements the highlight the value of attending or even using a series of teaser videos to introduce elements of the program slowly to build suspense or excitement.

Quirky Interactive Promo Videos

We all have the capacity to take our own videos nowadays and the quality of cameras, availability of cameras on phones and tablets makes creating a video by the potential delegates themselves very easy. Allowing delegates or speakers to interact with a larger marketing approach is a great idea to build a community before the event.  Perhaps delegates must submit a video of themselves doing something to attend, or tell people why they want to come – this can then all be edited together by a professional video production company to make a very compelling introduction to the event and can be used throughout and after to great effect.

The trick is to make sure you lean towards the quirky and engaging and don’t just throw any old content out there. It can be easy to get this wrong if you don’t know exactly what you are doing but it can be also be a great approach if when you get it right.

Emotive Promo Videos

If your event is promoting a cause or raising money for a charity, then creating a video that cuts to the heart of why this event is happening is a great way to promote it. Real stories, with real people are some of the most engaging videos to watch. You of course have to ensure that the participants are happy to be videoed an experienced video production team can make these emotive video participants feel comfortable and relaxed in front of cameras.

Each conference, program or event is completely unique and so will require an individual approach to the promotion required to make it a success. Hiring a video production team to work through your ideas and then bring them to life is the best way to showcase what your event has to offer you delegates or customers.