Goodbye to Rio, and welcome back to the UK the amazing athletes of Team GB with a record-breaking haul of medals. It has, as they say, been emotional.

What’s also been incredible is the depth of talent. Yes, we (like most people, I firmly include myself in Team GB) won a magnificent number of gold, silver and bronze – but we also won in 19 different sports. There are only 26 sports represented at the Olympics. Topping the table, the US also showed its breadth, winning medals in 22 sports – but 60-odd of it’s 116 medals came from athletics and swimming. (Surprisingly, they don’t do so well in shooting).

Team GB also demonstrated that talent comes in all shapes, sizes and experience. From Nick Skelton in the equestrian, winning gold at his seventh Olympics at the age of 58 to 16 year old Amy Tinkler, a bronze in the gymnastics in her first games, straight from the GCSE examination hall. Team GB is made up of athletes who are household names, athletes who will be household names and athletes who deserve to be household names but just fail to capture the fickle imagination of the public. But all of them – every single one – play a part in making Team GB great.

It’s that combination of teamwork and experience that matters to in video. From start to finish, from concept to YouTube, a video is imagined, translated, filmed, edited and delivered by a team that shows its breadth and experience. Nick Skelton drew on the experience of knowing what happens at an Olympic Games to remain calm under pressure and deliver the goods. A video production team should also include someone with that kind of experience – able to think creatively when things are not quite as planned; to understand what works and what doesn’t; An skilled cameraman will not only look for the shot, but has the ability to see the finished video before he presses the record button.

Amy Tinkler may not have the Games experience – but she has the talent. A video production team containing raw talent is part of the winning formula – fresh thinking from them with the experience of the team to include and make happen.

There are not quite 26 different disciplines when making a video. But there are more than you think, certainly more than you would expect.  Each member of the creative team is there to bring expertise to the process, to work to the best of their ability, to bring a combination of both experience and talent, in whatever ratio.

Team GB is made up of talented individuals who came together for two glorious weeks for a record-breaking performance. A video production crew does the same – and our gold, silver and bronze is the video we create.