Reaching the right people and hitting the right tone is essential when you are trying to reach new supporters for your charity or NGO. Delivering the right amount of facts and emotion is the key to reaching new supporters, especially those whose personal goals align with your own. Using the expertise of a video marketing expert is essential to help you reach the audience you want and get the results to help further the cause of your charity.

Getting people talking about your work is one of the best ways to gather momentum around your cause or campaign. Whether you are a new organisation or are an established brand with a new campaign, getting your message to the people who care is important and video is one of the best way to do this.

How to Make Your Cause a Marketing Success

It is a well-known and employed strategy to create emotional content when it comes to charities, and while this formula has merit and has proven results, it can be a very crowded field so reaching new supporters who perhaps have never seen your cause, or even responded to a charity message before is essential.

To target new supporters a mix of video content targeted at different types of audiences is the way to find those who have not engaged with charity posts before. By tapping into what matters to them and linking this with the work of your charity or NGO, you can create lasting connections and engagement which will motivate them to support you cause. This mix of creative video content will help move them from simply being aware of your cause to eventual support and then advocacy of your work. Creating different content for each stage of a supporters journey (awareness, consideration, decision then advocacy) is a great way to both engage with this audience and also track the impact to ensure you are getting the results you expect.

The Supporter Journey

Awareness – Bold awareness campaigns discussing the work that you do; sometimes called Hero Content or Hero Videos, forms the core of your campaign and is your main message to get across. This is often with an emotional message about who you are and what you do. Well crafted stories, with associated branding is key to this type of video.

Consideration – Once your audience is aware of who you are then they need to ensure they will consider supporting you, this can include videos that include lots of facts and statistics about what you can achieve, giving them the confidence that your organisation is legitimate, spends its money wisely and has an impact with the donations is receives.

Decision – Creating specific content that helps your audience decide to support you, especially when it comes to donating, is an important part of the content you create. Behind the scenes videos, interviews with current supporters talking about their involvement, staff members showing their work or following the journey of someone or something your charity has helped , all gives motivation for viewers to act.

Advocacy – Once you have gained supporters, you want to ensure they help you gain further support and promote the work you are doing. Thank-you videos, videos of completed projects or journey stories can be powerful in achieving this as supporters can then share these videos on their social media communities, showing the causes they have donated to and how they have helped. This not only encourages them to stay engaged with your cause, it also lets them advocate on your behalf to their family and friends giving them a personal link and recommendation to your cause.

Creating a great, emotional and eye-catching charity video is just the start of creating a wealth of video content for your audiences. With the help of the team at Tallboy, and their video consultant expertise, you will be able to craft a strategy that will not only enable you to gain new supporters, but subsequently keep them and help turn them into advocates too.

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