Facebook is the ideal platform for sharing video marketing content. With billions of users, it offers the chance to reach a huge number of people in one go. Tallboy are the experts to support your video marketing strategy on Facebook.

The vast majority of online marketing teams now use at least some video in their campaign mix. It’s the most consumed type of content on the planet at the moment and is perfectly suited to devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Here we take a look at some top tips for making the most of your video marketing on Facebook:

  1. Post Direct to Facebook

Many people post their marketing video up on YouTube and then link to it via Facebook. This is okay but it’s not the best strategy.

Facebook’s algorithm gives higher preference for native uploads. There is some evidence that posting your video directly onto the social media platform gives you 10 times the reach compared to just putting up a YouTube link.

  1. Make Your Opening Count

If you head onto your Facebook timeline, you will see that every other post is a video. That means your audience is constantly being bombarded by content that is vying for their attention.

It’s important to grab their attention in the first 10 seconds of your video. That means you need a compelling opening sequence that gets them to want to find out more.

  1. Include Subtitles

Another thing you need to think about is adding subtitles. In most cases, when people are scrolling down their timeline the videos are muted. Adding subtitles means you have more chance of catching their attention with relevant information.

  1. Go Live and immersive

Another option is to learn how to leverage Facebook Live. This gives your audience an immersive experience that makes them feel a part of your brand.

Choose the right approach and it can be a powerful tool. Also, there’s Facebook 360 which gives you a whole new way to present images to your audience.

  1. Make Your Video Mobile Friendly

Because we now view a lot of content on our smartphones, the mantra for everything (including written content) is to make it mobile-friendly. There are a couple of factors here. Square video formats tend to work better and making your content engaging with and without sound are important.

  1. Using Facebook Ads

If you want to get noticed and place your video in front of the right people, widening your scope to Facebook Ads is a good option.

It allows you to set your marketing spend on the site, lets you target a range of demographics and can deliver a stronger return on investment compared to simply posting on your followers’ timelines.

  1. The Call to Action

The mistake many businesses make when developing video marketing is forgetting about the call to action. You don’t want to spend a lot of time creating really impressive videos just for your audience to move onto the next thing in their timeline without a second thought.

You want them to do something like click on the link to your service or product pages. You can add calls to action when you upload your video on the site but it’s important to have a clear focus on what you want your content to achieve from the very outset.

  1. Use the Metrics

Finally, no video marketing campaign works without having the right metrics in place. Ensure you settle on the most pertinent measurements for your content, options that give you a clear idea of how each video is performing. This will give you the chance to tweak your approach and further improve conversions.