Video is big data. While businesses are concerned about what to do and how to store the ever increasing amount of information, spare a thought for the size of video files. Not so long ago we shot everything on tape and produced the final video onto VHS. It was easy to deliver and store. Now it’s all digital shot, in HD or 4K, and everything is online. You have heard the facts about 400 hours of footage is uploaded to YouTube a minute, that’s 1000 days of video every hour! So how do we manage this amount of data!

At Tallboy, we are already dealing with big data. Last year we worked on over 80 video projects producing over 200 videos for our clients. All this raw footage of and projects took up 10 Terra Bytes of space on the Tallboy hard drives. That’s 10,000,000,000 Mega Bytes! It would take six months to upload all this video footage to YouTube! Storing this amount of data to a cloud solution is not an option. In the future as internet speeds get faster and storage cheaper, storing in the cloud will be possible. So what is the solution currently? We archive and store it. At Tallboy, we have a process of backing up every client project. It is part of our business continuity plan, so in the case of fire, theft or hard drive failure, we can guarantee to deliver your project. We are the only video production company in the UK, that I know of, who backs up all the rushes and projects daily and keep a copy off-site. In the event of any issues back at the office or hard-drive failures we can continuing editing your video.

After we have finished working on your corporate video we just don’t delete all the material. The projects and all associated files are all collated, consolidated and backed up onto two hard drives. One we keep at the office and the other off-site at a secure storage location. So when you want a copy, re-edit or update your video in one, two or five years, we will have all the material we need to rework the project and produce new videos. It’s all part of the service we provide at Tallboy and is included in our fees.

Watch Tallboy’s MD show you where we keep all our clients footage and projects.