Businesses need to have effective internal communication nowadays. Whether you operate across a number of locations or have a large workforce that you want to keep in the loop, finding new and exciting ways to engage is important.

The good news is that technology is developing that is really improving both productivity and communication within many businesses. Using video to complement your internal comms is one way that you can make a big difference.

Why Use Video for Internal Comms?

We’re often time short and stressed out at work and reading a whole bunch of information can be a bit of a chore. Video is quick and easy to consume and can be tailored into bite-size chunks that staff are easily able to access almost on any device, even their smartphones.

We also take in more when we watch video. With written content, employees will tend to scan and may miss vital information. Video doesn’t have this problem and it’s simple to find a variety of ways, including animation, to make your content a lot more engaging.

Video is also much cheaper to produce nowadays than it was a few years ago. It delivers a great ROI because staff will spend less time trying to access the right information or skills training and more time working.

Ways to Use Video to Engage Employees

Companies that have used video in their internal comms find many benefits. While it won’t work for every bit of communication, there are four distinct areas where it really does deliver great value.

  1. Training:

Staff training can be time-consuming and difficult to organise. You have to get everyone together, find someone to deliver the training, find space and put work on hold while everyone gets up to speed.

Video is great for delivering all sorts of on-demand training that employees are able to access as and when they need it. Not only do you end up with a more informed and skilled workforce, they are able to take control of their own in-house education.

  1. Onboarding:

Most larger businesses have an induction process for new employees. This again can be time-consuming so finding news ways to onboard will have significant benefits. Video presentations for the basic skills and company culture can be used to make sure that new staff are up to speed as soon as they walk through the door.

  1. Creating Uniform Practice:

If your business operates across different locations, it can be difficult to ensure that all the right processes and procedures are followed in each one. With video content available, uniform practice is better encouraged and it’s more likely to be seen than if you have a whole stack of process documents that people have to plough through.

  1. A Message from the Boss:

Video communication can be built into your internal comms pretty easily. If you want to send a well-done message to staff for all the work they’ve managed to do over the year, it’s more personal and engaging. Live stream video is also a great way to produce innovative content that really gets staff motivated and ready for the work ahead.


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