While we stand in hushed silence anticipating the release of That film, we marvel at the way the movie’s production team have managed to so carefully control how much information has been diseminated.

The rumour mill has been busy churning out stories about Star Wars:The Force Awakens. Speculation on plot lines, characters and who is on whose side, has been rife since the trilogy was announced following The Walt Disney Company’s acquisition of Lucasfilm in October 2012.

However, the studio has gone to extreme lengths to protect what people know about the film, including lengthy non-disclosure agreements, setting up a drone shield, forcing studio visitors to put special tape over their phones, putting out spoilers and launching false rumours and misinformation.

Much like the Disney team, managing the release, flow and pace of distributing information is a constant challenge for communications professionals. Choosing video as a communications tool can help with this challenge.

So what makes video so effective?

• Video can simplify complex messages in a way that makes them easy to digest
• Video can be used to capture key moments which can then be easily shared, distributed and viewed from many different devices using social media
• It can be linear, taking a viewer from the start to finish of a story without interruption or it can be interactive – allowing opportunities for viewers to engage, interact and show understanding
• Flexible production costs – video can be inexpensive or big budget, but remember you get what you pay for.

Calculating the cost of video

Companies must invest well to make sure a corporate video will have the desired impact. No-one could accuse the Star Wars production team of scrimping on the budget. The first Star Wars film cost £11m to produce back in 1977 and The Force Awakens has been endowed with a massive $200m production budget. The film lasts for 136 minutes, making it a whopping $1.5M per minute.

You may not have the movie-levels of budget for your corporate video. However, it is important to consider your production values and make sure they are in line with your company’s brand. You also need to consider what impact you want the video to have.

The cost of making a corporate video depends on three key things:

How much time you have – investing time in planning thoroughly can help you get the most of any shooting time. It can ensure the right people are involved in the right way and can help anticipate any issues and how to deal with them.

What talent you work with – when it comes to film makers you can have inexpensive or experienced but rarely both at the same time.

The Tools – What is the quality of the film you want – you can film with an iPhone or a full crew, but the type of tools will impact the end result

You can find out more about calculating the cost of video here.

In the meantime, enjoy the official Star Wars trailer here. It lasts 2.35 –a $4M taster.