Building trust with your customers, clients, or even internal colleagues is an important strategy for any organisation. A brand that is trusted will find it much easier to deliver information or convert sales and putting a face to your brand through video is a great way of doing this.

Having a face associated with your brand or delivering a message in your video can help you capture attention and create a sense of familiarity with those on the screen. Science lets us know that as humans we are hardwired to recognise faces, so having a person promoting your brand is one of the best ways to build trust with your target audience. More than science, socially we are also more likely to respond with trust to another human giving us information, rather than reading or simply listening.

Expression, Tone and Trust

It is well known that communication is so much more than the words that we hear, it includes everything from the tone of voice to the facial expressions. This is known as the McGurk Effect:

“Speech perception relies on both visual and auditory cues.”

As video consultants we can advise your entire team on how to present yourself on the screen to build the trust you need with the audience you want. Whether you employ an actor to represent your brand in the video, use your leadership team, or other members of your organisation, it is not only what they say, but how they say it which is important. It can be daunting to get in front of the camera for the first time, but our experience and advice will ensure you are delivering your information in the most effective way possible.

Creating Connections

Whether you are creating a series of videos to deliver information from a familiar face, or just one video choosing a human to deliver the message is a powerful tool in creating trust. Your audience are more likely to respond when they can see the person delivering the message. Because we make quick judgements when we watch a video, lots of small elements contribute to the success or failure of the video. The background or location of the video, style of the speaker and the script are some of these elements, our video strategy expertise will ensure you get this right first time.

Tips on Getting Your Message Across

Having a real person on your video is a great way to create a bond of trust between brand and audience but it is not the whole story. A huge range of other elements need to be considered to ensure you have a compelling video – here are some of our tips on getting your message across:

  • No distractions – The focus of the video should be on the speaker and what they are saying so keep the background of your video as simple and distraction free as possible.
  • Practice makes perfect – running through the script a few times is a great idea, changing where you put the emphasis on certain words or phrases can really help with trust and credibility. Practice in front of an honest (but kind) audience who can give advice on how you are coming across.
  • Body language speaks volumes – remember that it is not only what you say but how you say it that matters. Check your gestures and facial expressions and deliver with confidence.
  • And finally, hire a video consultant. Most organisation now recognise the importance of having great videos as part of the communications or marketing strategy, but very few have the in-house expertise to deliver this in the most effective way. A Tallboy video consultant will help formulate a video strategy that will work for your organisation.