On my way to see a potential client, and in the video below I want to talk about why making videos for your business can be a complete waste of money.

The main point is that most businesses don’t have a video strategy. They make video on what I call an ad hoc or one-off basis, and there are no concrete goals with what the video should achieve (increase brand awareness, new leads, education, entertainment, etc.) The business justs make content for content sake.

Another potential money waster is making a video for what the business thinks the audience wants to hear. They make videos about their own business (who we are, what we do) rather than considering the audience and making content which actually will resonate with them.

A third mistake I see is not having a marketing or distribution plan in place. Only uploading to YouTube and a few social media posts are not enough. Videos need to be seen as an asset and therefore, to make it work is to pay for some advertising to place it in front of your intended audience.

The way I help my clients and the way I work with them is to join all the dots when it comes to video creation and to help them create a video strategy. And I was just wondering, do you have a video strategy for your content?