Culture. It’s an emotive word. It can be defined as ‘the ideas, customs, and social behaviour of a particular people or society.’ Or simply, the way we do things around here.

Culture can be as unassuming as everyone understanding if you are the first person to arrive at the office, you are responsible for putting the coffee on. It can be the collective belief of why an organisation exists. Culture can be inclusive, it can be divisive; it can be ingrained and it can be fleeting.

In a company or team, when people share a culture and the same values, they buy into the vision. They will happily work for the common goal. Communication plays a vital part in creating culture – not just sharing the same goal, but each person communicating they understand and appreciate the importance of the role of every single one of their colleagues.

Filming a corporate video can demonstrate in a simple way how culture can work at its best in an organisation. The crew, especially if they regularly work together, will share not just best practice, but deep-rooted values that all come together to produce magic. The culture will include work ethic, knowing they will each work as hard as possible for as long as possible to get the job done; the energy they bring; communication; respect for each other’s role and, more often than not, a shared sense of humour. It’s teamwork, yes, but that culture is so much deeper.

The vital part of the crew ethos is being able to recognise and understand the culture of the commissioning client and to be flexible enough to adapt and respond. That’s not about abandoning their own values, but respecting any difference and accepting there are many ways to achieve the same outcome. Then being flexible to accommodate it, knowing they and the client both have the same shared goal

Culture is not fixed. Like a video shoot – even the best planned ones – it changes. Culture should be allowed to grow. The tectonic plates of different ideas and different values knock together to create company culture version two – or even three or four – and hopefully, each one new and improved.

With recent events, the way we do things around here is changing in both Britain and the US. Communication will play a huge part in how our shared values develop. However, learn from the video crew, and with resilience and adaptability the new culture could be better than the last.