If you are launching a tech start-up, marketing is going to be high on your agenda and a significant part of your business plan. Getting it right from the outset is vital.

One approach that has certainly caught the imagination over the last five to ten years is video marketing. There’s a good reason why this has proved effective. Video is a favourite with not just Millennials and Gen Z but every other demographic as well.

While it can be expensive to professionally produce, video marketing consistently delivers a strong ROI and can be tailored for different mediums as well as different audiences.

Building an Effective Video Marketing Strategy

Whether you want to demonstrate your new products or want to get your brand out in front of the world, working out a comprehensive marketing plan that includes video is vital.

  1. Setting Your Budget

One aspect that tech startups can struggle with is budget. A lot of their finances might have gone into developing their product, for example. It’s important to set the right amount aside to deliver your marketing, however.

If things are tight, you should consider how as much of this as possible can be diverted into video marketing – it’s going to deliver more engagement and can be used more widely than other types of content. In short, it gives you more bang for bucks.

  1. DIY vs Professional Video Production

We can all create videos with our smartphones nowadays. But should you use this to create marketing videos for your tech startup?

This is going to depend on how capable you are at filming and your editing skills. Candid captures and short amateur videos can be effective. They can also put a dent in your reputation if you get things wrong. It’s important, even if you are stuck for cash, to see how you can invest in professional video production. For a start, many companies will help you build a marketing plan that stretches over many months or years and you can engage as and when your budget is freed up.

Professionally produced video is more flexible, can be tailored to different media and tends to last longer, if you do decide utilise user generated content or employee videos ensuring you get the help of a video strategist like the experts at Tallboy will ensure your content is put to its best use.

  1. Choosing the Right Content

As with any kind of marketing, picking the appropriate content is essential.

  • Who is your audience?
  • What kind of information are they looking for?
  • Should you be producing product explanations or user guides or have a more wide-ranging brand or corporate video?

This is another advantage of working with a professional video production team – they’ll help you develop the best strategy and bring their experience of marketing to the table.

  1. Growing a Catalogue

The more video content you can develop the better. Shots and scenes can be reedited and repurposed and used to create new content for your audience, long after the initial filming. You should experiment with long and short forms and different types of content – it builds a bunch of assets you can call on when you need to.

  1. Where to Use Video Marketing

Finally, where are you going to post your amazing videos?

The good news is that you have plenty of choices. Yes, you can simply upload that carefully crafted video to your website but that would be a waste if it’s all you do.

  • There’s YouTube and Vimeo, video sharing platforms that can quickly raise your profile and visibility.
  • You can use videos on social media like Facebook and Twitter where your audience will be all too willing to share.
  • You can also use short videos on marketing strategies such as pay per click advertising.

Our advice: Don’t limit yourself. Understand how powerful video is, what it delivers for your audience and create a strategy that gives you the best ROI.

Expert Video Strategy

For help creating video content or a video strategy for your tech start up, or any other business talk to Tallboy and get your videos seen.