So the brief is to film the CEO in every single country where there is a company presence. The challenge is the budget will only stretch to a return second-class train ticket to Wales. The solution is to use green screen.

This technique allows the subject to be filmed in front of what is effectively a blank canvas and then once the filming is completed, the background is added.  Green screen was previously used as a backdrop for the weather forecast, with the production team adding in the detailed map.

Using green screen gives a great deal of creative freedom for a corporate video. It’s very useful when there are restrictions of what can be filmed. For example, if there is limited access to a laboratory, the background can be filmed separately with a smaller crew and then added so it looks as if the person is being interviewed in situ.

There are some restrictions on using green screen: the person appearing before it must not wear green, as the technique uses the colour to latch the imposed image on to. And that even includes not wearing emerald earrings.

And going back to our CEO – there’s even no need to go to Wales when they can appear in Paris, New York or even La Paz, all without leaving their office!

Click here to see a Corporate Video using this style

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