We hesitate to say this, but those in the know call this interview the ‘dirty shot’. It all sounds rather grubby and a bit disgusting, but it’s a tried and tested method and very well used.

The purpose of this interview is two fold: the first thing it does is link the interviewee with the person who is asking the questions.  In a corporate video, sometimes a member of the team leads it, and so it’s important the viewer sees them actually connecting with the people they are talking too.

The second thing reason for choosing this shot is to allow for more freedom in the editing process. Often the dirty shot is a slightly more stylized shot, giving the viewer a different view of the same scene.

Day 7 The View from Behind from Tallboy Communications on Vimeo.

One note of caution here; often all the attention is on the interviewee. The emphasis is to make sure their hair is perfect and their clothing is unwrinkled.  For the interviewer, there’s often the attitude of don’t worry, it’s just the back of your head in shot. Remember to bring a brush, and if you have short hair (like our example), give your neck an extra scrub before you head out for the day.

Day 6: The View from The Driving Seat


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