We call this one the marmite shot. If you are a filmmaker, you probably love it. If you are the subject, you probably hate it. With HD, UHD and the coming of 4K – well, even if you are not familiar with those terms, it simply means every pore; every blemish and every speck of dust will be visible to the entire audience.  There’s absolutely no hiding on this one.

However, for filmmakers, this interview shot can really add to the intensity of the corporate video. It gives drama and emphasis on what the subject is saying. It’s literally making sure what the person is saying is right in your face – you can’t miss it.

Day 5 The Extreme Close Up from Tallboy Communications on Vimeo.

Lighting is key to this interview. Poor lighting will emphasis any tiredness around the eyes or strain around the mouth. Good lighting will make the subject look great, and the intensity of the shot adds authority to what they are saying, which is important when the subject matter is vital or controversial.

This shot is not for the faint hearted. And there’s a great deal of trust involved.  So when someone says “Trust me, I’m a cameraman”, see if you dare to be different.

Day 4: The view from the Man on the Street

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