In the trade it’s called the vox pop or in the United States it’s known as the MoS. From the Latin vox populi, it literally means voice of the people, or as the Americans like to say, Man on the Street. It’s a style favoured by news crews across the globe to capture opinion.

The main point of the vox pop is to capture information very quickly and without fuss. The interviewee is interviewed with no special set up, and there’s little attempt to hide the microphone. The person asking the questions is often in shot, as we have demonstrated.

Although it’s a news style, it can earn its place in corporate video. It’s a great, stress-free way of getting more of your team to take part. It’s less nerve-wracking, especially if it’s presented in the spirit of its invention, as spontaneous and off-the-cuff.

In terms of content, it’s great for getting the mood of the moment across and is a great leveler. This technique does exactly what it says on the tin – Tallboy has used it for both CEO’s and warehouse staff with equally great results.

Click here to see a Vox Pops Corporate video

Day 3 video: Two Cameras

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