Performing in front of a camera is a skill. It’s unlike anything we normally do in our everyday life. Even if you are the type of person used to giving presentations, working with an inanimate camera is far harder than a live audience.

So this type of set up for an interview or statement can be described as both very kind and also ideal for the inexperienced interviewee taking part in your corporate video. By using two cameras, the interview is recorded twice from two different perspectives at the same time.

From a production point of view, it allows the editor the freedom to cut between the cameras, taking out all the pauses or areas where the interviewee is not giving a confident delivery, allowing the production team to really ensure the interviewee is seem at their absolute best. It also means the finished video has several different shots, keeping the audience engaged.

And in terms of getting the message across, having two cameras keeps the integrity of the performance. The interviewee only has to say things once; there’s no need to go back and try to repeat the same answers, and risk loosing the spontaneity. That can also help increase the interviewee’s confidence, as they know they only have to do the interview once.

Click here to see The View from Two Cameras in action                                                       To view Day Two: A view from above

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