Drones are the Go-Pros of 2015. The drone now provides the money shot for most video makers – whether it’s sweeping views of the landscape or flying down the aisles of a warehouse to give perspective (guilty on both counts!).

There are strict rules and regulations when it comes to flying drones (and Tallboy is certified by the CAA before you ask!) and so doing a statement to camera while flying a drone is the exception rather than the rule. You need both a skilled drone operator and also a skilled sound person, as the sound is usually recorded separately.

But if you can ensure the drone is being flown within the rules, the impact of the all-encompassing shot of both subject and landscape, the reveal as the drone flies higher and higher, adds an amazing impression for any viewer watching your corporate video.

And for the person being filmed, it’s one of the easiest pieces to camera to do. When the drone pulls out, they become smaller and smaller in the final shot, so it doesn’t matter if the words are not perfect as the audience can’t see their mouth clearly. This is where ‘fixing it in post’ becomes a necessity and not a luxury!

Watch Day One: The Broad View                                                                                              Watch Day Three: Two Cameras

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