So there you have it: 12 ways to say something to camera. From the conventional to the controversial; the bland to the brilliant. And even the potentially downright dangerous one with the drone.

There’s probably an infinite number of ways to film an interview. We disgarded the ones that were fashionable for a moment, such as the shakey cam which had the potential to make the viewer feel slightly sea sick. We wouldn’t dare re-create one of the most iconic ways, which featured the late Paula Yates on a bed. Making your corporate video the best it can be is what we do at Tallboy. That means we will create a special way to ensure your interviewee is seen and heard at their most brilliant.

As you can see with Simon, the interviews that worked best with him were the ones where he felt the most relaxed. He clearly enjoys standing in a field talking to a small flying object, but found it difficult to multi-task by driving and speaking at the same time. At Tallboy, we will take the time to find out how to make your interviewees feel comfortable so they can be the best they can.

Technically, we’ll also make sure we get the best results within whatever constraints there are. Ideally, time is the best tool to getting a great interview, but if there’s only a few minutes before your CEO boards a 18 hour flight to the other side of the world, we’ll make sure we’re ready with the best set up to make a snatched interview look like a sit down fireside chat.

You want to tell your story in your own words. Tallboy will assist you every step of the way.

Day 11: The street view

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